Beyond decorative, our Booth Dividers provide antimicrobial protection for your guests.

Gallery of Recent Projects

Fire Engine Pizza, Connecticut

Lady G’s Soul Spot, California

Old Saybrook Fish House, Connecticut

Pumpernick’s Deli, Pennsylvania

Sam’s Seafood Steakhouse, New York


Customize your booth dividers by adding your full-color logo or artwork to our standard glass. Choose from rectangular, arched, bell, or oval shaped dividers.

Less Expensive, More Versatile

Traditional sandblasting is expensive! We use an ink-in-glass process that allows for full-color, unlimited design possibilities for a fraction of what it costs to sandblast.

Your design is INSIDE (not on top of) the glass – which means it will never scratch or fade.

turn your BOOTH DIVIDERS into antimicrobial 

Transform your BOOTH DIVIDERS into antimicrobial / anti-fungal glass using our Safety Shields Treatment.

When you select this option we’ll turn your standard booth dividers into the ultimate protection for your customers and employees.

Our treatment chemically bonds to the glass itself, making the surface of the glass so smooth that viruses, bacteria, and fungi can’t stick to or grow on it.

Once fully cured, the glass is chemically inert – meaning there is no chemical residue that can be transferred or wiped off, so it’s 100% safe for all environments.



Viruses & bacteria can’t stick to or grow on the glass.


full coverage

Patent-pending design rests glass on counter with no air gap.


ever clear tech

Easy to clean glass stays crystal clear year after year.

Prevents Mold

Easy to Clean

Prevents Odor

No Chemicals

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